The browser sometimes stops working with the application and shows a white screen

Good day.
Can you tell me how to fix the white screen problem?
Sometimes, while working on an application, the browser screen turns white (as in the screenshot).

After I refresh the browser window - I go back to work on the project, but after a while everything repeats itself: a white screen.
Sometimes the latest changes disappear :frowning:

I tried to work in other browsers (the main browser is Chrome) - I used Edge, Opera, Firefox - but the error repeats in all browsers.

Computer configuration:
Processor: i5
Operating system used: Windows 10

Thank you!


For me same thing… i couldnt work on my project all day…
In the best case scenario, im working on blind, cause i cant see anymore changes to ThunkableLive mobile app. There it shows old stuffs i did long time ago. Its like server dont have connection with mobile LiveView anymore…
I think that the problems with Thunkable server are more seriouse that i thought :frowning:
More problems happened to me in the last hour… Even if i make from the scratch a new screen in my project, with a simple container with an image, if i try to preview on mobile or even in Web Live Preview here, on Thunkable Website, it shows deformated things, and so on…
Its like server has its own conscience and its ALIVE, doing the things the way it likes :slight_smile:
I hope that problems will be fixed soon… I started to like very much this kind of “coding” in the last 10 days…

This is on my web pre3view… the things looking even worst on mobile app…
And believe me, i know how to arange items on screen, with containers and so on…


Apparently - there was some kind of global problem that has already been resolved :slight_smile: Thank you for your attention )))