[Solved] Blank screen with webViewer on screen Start

I was testing my app on thunkable live and it works. But suddenly the thunkable app show me blank screen, so i tried ti download apk but i grave the same problem. I upload to you a video ti show you my problem.

Usually that happens to me when I have a code issue somewhere in the app. I exit the Thunkable app (request a new code) and if I get a blank screen again I go back to look at my blocks. Once I fix the blocks that were confusing the system it will start working again.

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This is my project. Check it please. The code is very basic, i do not think is a code issue.

Okay, I looked through your code a bit more. You initially had on your Trend Screen

Change from Starts to Open and I was able to get the app to work

This should fix the problem :slight_smile:

It works, but every time the app reload the web viewer it give me blank screen.

The manual reload on the ?ESCO screen? The app seems to be working fine as long as the code changed from Start to Open

I have find the solution. When I set the new url the web viewer just load the new website and i do not need to reload. So it works now. Thank you so much for help.
Although I still don’t understand why it worked first and then suddenly no longer

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I don’t either, the code gods can be fickle :rofl:


so i have the same issue, except for it causes my browser in the phone to keep crashing, i have to constantly reboot the entire phone in order for it to work right.

Can you link to project or show some blocks you have?

after doing mad tests, i found out that in my case it wasn’t entirely the blocks, it actually was a thunkable issue. The app was straining on mobile, because on my android emulator i would get that issue literally only when my code was bunkers. Other than that it would work instantly. So i don’t know how right i am, but i know when it comes to my mobile device i end up having to relaunch the entire device and hope the probs stopped.

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Well, as long as there’s no problems that’s the best no matter how you got there.

Often If I know the app is working a certain way, then I will create a copy and code on the copy. Then if there’s an error I can go back to the original I know works and see if the error is with a Thunkable or device glitch or if my code is wack.

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