Thunkable Live Test


I want to ask, why when I do the Thunkable Live Test it will exit from the Thunkable Live apps automatically and display my home screen. I cannot test my project using Thunkable Live and I can only preview it on my dekstop.

If you have blocks that cause a crash (such as an endless loop, a stored variable that isn’t initialized, or an invalid variable type), then Thunkable Live will also crash.

Can you share a link to your project?

Does it crash immediately? If not, which screen causes the crash?

It crash after screen 9

That’s helpful to know but what is the exact name of screen 9? Is it “Nota”? If so, please try making the Web Viewer visible on the “Nota” screen and see if that prevents the crash.

The link is no longer working:

Can you share a new link?

It works when I the Web Viewer visible but I want to make the Web Viewer Invisible.

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I believe this is a known bug:

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You can not set the Web Viewer to hide but you can position it off the screen and make the size as small as possible which will give the same effect as invisible.

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Alright, thank you.

Yes, i have adopted this exact same technique for allowing files to directly download without ever leaving the app.