Thunkable Live constantly crashes

I created an app over the past 3 weeks on MIT App Inventor and it works like a charm. Now my client wants the app to be iOS compatible (wish he’d mentioned that in the beginning), so I’m carefully copying blocks from my app into Thunkable X. My MAIN problem is that Thunkable Live crashes every few minutes. I have a decent connection, so that doesn’t seem to be an issue. I can start Thunkable Live up and do a couple of block changes, but when I try to “live” test and touch a button, it crashes back to my desktop.

Everytime you make a change, go back to thunkable live home screen (shake your phone) and press the live test on the top right corner of your computer

When it stays up for a few minutes, the screen will flash each time I make a change in the code…and no matter what screen I’m working on, when it flashes, it takes me back to Screen1. Someone already addressed that issue and it seems to be the norm. I have to go to my navigation tree and drag whatever screen I’m working on to the top of the tree if I want Live to keep that screen on my device while I work. Very cumbersome.

My problem now though is crashing. It starts up, I see my current screen I’m working on, and then it crashes back to my desktop :frowning:

That was me so I know about that issue hahaha

Well, what I told you to do is what I’m doing and I never experienced this issue so if it continues I will not be able to help.

@Mark can when he comes back :slight_smile:

Nice day !

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Have you updated to the Latest version of a companion app

Yes, I just downloaded Thunkable Live from Google Play yesterday. I’d hope that’s the latest updated version

Yes, that is the current behavior. We are hoping to add the ability to more easily view screens other than the first one in the live companion.

Can you share a project that has the crashing behavior? Ideally, it would be as simple as possible, hopefully just a single Screen, if possible. That would help us diagnose the problem.


This is the screen that seems to crash. I have a button going to this screen, and everytime I tap the button, this screen will flash on my device, then crash to my desktop

Are you sure the value is a text ?

Yes, on this screen I have a textbox that the user can input info. The info is then saved to TinyDB and shown on a Label on the About Me screen