Thunkable Life on Android crashes

Hi, I try to create an App with 10 different Screens and a lot of Buttons. After I change or add a screen the Life App crashes, although it worked just before. I rewrote it now several times but again and again at some point it crashes an Android.
Can anyone please help or give me some advice? I’m not an experienced user. Thanks!

Can you please tell us why does it crash ? (What action do you perform right before the crash ?)

When I change a screen in the substructure either in Design or Blocks, suddenly even the Startscreen, which I didn’t change, does’nt work anymore!

Have you downloaded the latest version of Thunkable Live ? Also, does it crash once the app is installed ?

I have Thunkable Live Version 48. Yes, when I download and install the App it also crashes.

Would you mind sending the blocks causing the app to crash ?

It’s not a secret project, so I can send the hole link. Thanks for your help.

@Guy Please check your PM :slight_smile:

Also, for your images I suggest you set this setting to contain because your image isn’t fully shown :slight_smile: image

When I start the app, it goes to the Main Screen. “Agenda” works fine and I can go to the “Info” screen. “News” and “Free” as well as the “Menu semaine” on the Infoscreen cause an Crash “Thunkable was ended”??
I tryed to go back to the startscreen of the online Thunkable and I emptied the Cache and Data of the LiveApp on my phone.

@Guy Please check your private messages I sent you a video there…

I saw the video and as I explained the app crashes on my phone. Tryed to send you a video but seems I can’t upload.
Si vous voulez on peut continuer en français.

Your app is very simple and is working fine on my live test and once installed, i have no idea why it would crash, especially just by changing screen. I tested it on iPhone and you had it crash on Android, I am not aware of problems with android.

@Mark, any idea ?

Nice day :slight_smile:

Here my video link

I have a Sony Xperia XZ4 with Android 8.0.0

Works fine for me :confused:

Mark should be able to answer you on the troubles with the Android version :slight_smile:

Sorry my phone is a Xperia XZ1 compact (mixed up with the Z4 that I had before)