My app keeps crashing on Android

I’m working on an App for an Erasmus+ project. Started on AppInventor but iOS version was required so started again on Thunkable X

Problem is, the app seems fine when I live test it on iPhone/iPad, but live testing on Android crashes, and even if it is installed on the phone it still crashes.

This is the app in question, not finished yet.

Any ideas are welcome, i’ve been reading that there is some issue with thunkable x and android…


disconnect all “navigate to” blocks on “Home Screen” and launch the application in Live. If everything is in order, then attach the blocks back.

On other screens you need to do the same operation for updating blocks. I think you changed the names of the screens, but they were not updated in the application because of what they do not work.

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I disconnected all blocks on all screens and the app worked. Then started attaching them back and all was fine. The I added something and it’s not working again…

Seems I’ll need to do this disconnect-reconnect process lots of times for Android. I don’t understand why it works fine on iOS but not on Android.

What do you mean the screen name changes did not update in the application? How can I fix this?

Additionally I run into two more problems on Android I did not expect; the app does not seem to recognise pages as scrollable even though I ticked the button as true. (don’t know if the same applies for iOS since I’m testing on iPad)

Also on Android sliding the screen does not take you back to the previous one, and the back button of the phone just exits the app, does not go back either (as it used to do with AppInventor). This is both on live test and on installed app.

In some situations, there is no automatic update of Live when changing blocks, etc. Therefore, after editing blocks, change a property in the properties panel. While it is necessary to do so.

Yes, Thunkable X works better on iOS. This is a feature of the engine.

Back button does not work yet in Thunkable X. I won’t say about scrolling, but Thunkable X functionality under iOS and Android has differences.

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