App troubles with new screens

I have an app where on the first screen there are some buttons. When the user clicks a button, it appears am other screen. When i create a new screen and build a button on the homescreen to navigate to the relative screen the first time i try the app on the thunkable android app it crashes. I need to disconnect every “navigate to” block connected to the buttons on the homepage and restart the app with logout and login to access to the app. After this i need to plug every screen one by one to prevent the crashes. I understood that only the screen with blocks crashes. When i connect a screen without blocks it works perfectly.
Sorry for the long description but it is lazy issue
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It’s an issue only with thunkable live which has already been mentionned in the forum. If you’re working on android, I’d suggest downloading the apk so you can be sure of your final result.

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If you give me a link to your project, I will find the cause of the failure. A problem with Android or iOS?

It doesnt work on android, yesterday i try to install the app on ios from the generated link but it says i have to register the developer user before install the app

See the documentation for installation on iOS

Ios is ok but i cannot solve the multiple screen issue on live thunkablr on android

I see the problem and see the error log.

Along with the error, I see the SIGSEGV signal, which is very bad, because it indicates a memory error - working with non-existent memory, problems with the implementation of multithreading, etc. And this error can occur only when creating separate screens, and when the application starts.

On the BMI screen for TextInput1_peso, the property Text on properties panel is “Undefined” - this causes one of the errors. It is necessary that the field is empty or contain some text.

Check it.

I removed all blocks from the Opens block, then updated the project by changing any property in the properties panel, then returned the blocks back to the Opens block and it all worked.

The problem is that some of the data in the IDE is not updated on the server. Why does it only crash on Android? Because React Native does not work well with Android.

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i corrected the “undefined” text in various textimput fields. i see that the property “text” is default “Undefined” when you create the object

I found a system to avoid the crash: i go in every screen, i unplug and then plug any block again. No idea how it works but…it works :slight_smile:

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