Problems with Thunkable Live

After yesterday i have some troubles with the thunkable live app for android (usa an huawei P9 Lite with Android 7.0)
I have 2 apps in thunkable and when i try to clore app1 with shaking the phone to access to the app2, the live app crashes.
the app crashes when in the app1 i try to access to a second screen in the app by clicking a button too.


If you use any of the blocks below, then exclude them from the project


There are the block of the screens where the app crashes…

I don’t have any of the blocks you said

In your project, I see 5 screens, but you showed images of only three. Do not you have blocks on the other two screens? If you give me a link to your project, I can quickly understand the problem.

correct :slight_smile:i forget to send this pic. the screen #5 doesnt’ have any blocks

I do not see any problem blocks known to me. Just for the word “Fill” is indicated in the text blocks on the 3rd screen?

I use that because when the app starts the list are height 0%. The idea is that when the user click the button, it will expand completely the list. Generally it works but i think the problem is in the live app because cometimes when i start my project can only access to the start page and even if i clicl the buttons to navigate to the others screens, it doesnt work, i try to shake the phone and often thw live app crashes

Unfortunately, without seeing the project itself or the log file with an error, I can not name the cause of the failure.