Testing White screen problem

Hi I have question can someone please answer it ASAP
When I download my app on my phone (iOS 13.3.1)it only shows a white page and in the live test it only shows the first screen awkwardly and bottons doesn’t work

Do you have any blocks? If you do, I’d recommend taking a label and have it display at various places in your code to try and see where it’s crashing. You may have to take out chunks of blocks to see what works and what’s crashing.

Thank you I tried that but it still doesn’t work. When I’m making the app everything is ok but when I want to test it on my phone or live it just shows a white screen

A white screen means that when the screen starts, blocks are executed that lead to this result, or you have an outdated version of Live. Update Live, disable all blocks, and check how the app works.

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Thank you :blush: