Error: "Blocks" screen turns white after one second

Hi, I have a simple app with two screens, made for testing purposes. It worked well for several weeks, today I cannot work with the “Blocks” screen anymore: everytime I click on “blocks” I see the blocks for ~1 second, then the screen goes white. Opening “blocks” of the second screen works. I try to rename the first screen but without success. Other projects work fine.

I think somebody from the thunkable staff should have a look at it.

Hi, @Michael_Rogulla! :wave:

This is happened to many Thunkers, including me sometimes…
The problem must be a red :warning: in the blocks, or a animation component bug. :thinking:

If you could please share your project like here, we would take a look into it for what’s wrong.

How should I give you a link? (Tap here)

In your browser’s tab (which has Thunkable opened), just copy the URL of the tab -

Thanks! :blush:


Hi @kartik14 @domhnallohanlon

I have a project that recently goes to a white screen when I click on the Blocks tab. Something is bugged with this project alone as my other projects don’t have this issue. So something with the blocks? But I can’t see them to fix the issue.

Can one of you admins go in and fix the issue please.

@domhnallohanlon Please can I get someone from customer support to fix this project with Blocks issues preventing the blocks screen from being shown. There was someone on the forums that was addressing these kinds of issues. I’m a thunkable subscriber. If you haven’t yet submitted a request through the chat icon at, I recommend doing so. That usually gets me the quickest response.

Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 12.41.20 PM

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Sorry for the delay. You can use the link above to recover the project.

A fix will be coming in an upcoming release to fix your original project.

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