White screen when i press blocks

When i press block on one of my project, the screen is turn to white. Its on my main screen. I tryed to use edge, explorer, chrome, opera and anything dont function. Its happening on two of my computers (windows10).

Sorry i am not best at english.

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Can you please share a link to your project here so we can take a look please?


https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5e593d34b5d4c6700fd75d40/334cdc1d-9a55-4894-9227-4542a7c59c6f/designer there

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I also experienced this issue with your project. Hopefully the admins can shed some light on this. I will be sharing a similar experience soon

Thanks for sharing @jakubsvobodacz1973j - makes things much faster to troubleshoot!!

On your “Update” screens you’ll just need to rename the components with : in their name. You can use _ or - instead.

good point ^^^^^


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Did that work in your copy @jared?

no. when i click on blocks, i get the white screen. i only have 1 screen and the data viewer in that example that i shared.

sorry, what i meant was, good point to share a link to the app. :laughing:

I try it, but it isnt working. Stil white screen

I opened your edxample and what’s even more weird than getting white screen instead of the block editor. When i try to delete the canvas component i get the white screen then too.

Can someone help me please ?

Same thing has been happening to me for a while with a beta project: https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5e5b5b235bb9e67d3eace26a/f1dc71ea-e7e2-4660-b6c2-41b073f2819d/blocks.

I know, but can someone HELP ME in this community. Admin react to this and nothing changed! Is developers doing something with this?

Same thing happening to me. Cant work on any project. Need help urgently.