White, empty screen

Maybe u will know how to help me with that issue.
When i click on my label in my project I always see a white, empty screen.
URL to my project: Thunkable


try this https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5de39fbd15db614bb3304a80/project/properties/designer

What did u change?
I ask beacuse I can not see any changes it’s just an url to my project

My project immediately opened well for me, so I created a copy of it and gave you a link. Nothing has changed in the project.

Best regards, Alex
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But I have problem with my label not with whole project. Do u know why, when I click on my label on the screen called “LVL” thunkable just crashes and I cant change the lable components like font etc.?

I think that only developers can fix this problem in your project. There, the problem is due to the fact that when you click on Label, a non-existent object is accessed. Or you can try deleting the entire LVL screen and re-creating it.

I ran into that issue several times but I could not yet find what exactly is causing it. It jzst happened to me when I for example changed certain settings of a component - then whenever I would click on the component the whole screen would go blank. Usually I could open the project in another browser and delete the faulty component. This is a bug in the platform but hard to file a bug report when you cannot tell what exactly caused the failure because it only happens in certain circumstances :grimacing:

Best Chris


Have this to it depends on the project when, it could be one time a label or a input that when I click I get a white screen