Thunkable X is not working!

The problem

I didn’t use thunkable X for 2 days. On 3rd day morning when I open thunkable X the screen was empty. I can’t see anything. I can only see that blue color floating action button and the colorful screen only. I can’t see any of my projects, titles, toolbar, Thunkable named label. This is a big problem. I also lost 2 month developed app.

I hope someone can help me, if not, the last option is crying :cry: :cry:

How can I troubleshoot this? Tell me! it’s argent!

Can you show me a screenshot about the page? That will help me find the problem.

Is this image is enough to find the problem ? :confused:

Do you see the same picture in other browsers? Recently, I noticed that the server Thunkable became less responsive.

Yep! :confused:

But not at all in the other browsers

On the screen you have the address of the page with the blocks. Do other pages of the project open?

Does the project page show up on your screen?

No but always when I turn on the thunkable X, I firstly saw a block editor.

Try to log out of your account and log back in. After that what’s displayed?

It’s still not displaying. I tried in a new browser. And I did what you told

Try to open my project by reference

Also an empty screen?

Yes! it worked! First I went to your project and I just click on thunkable logo to go back. After that my all projects displayed as it was. I though that someone did hack my projects. Thank you for help!..