White screen when trying to load my project page

its not all of them, my other projects open just fine, just this one project that i spent QUITE a long time getting to work…

anyone else experience this and find a fix, or am i just screwed?

Did you try flushing your web browser’s cache or try on a different web browser you haven’t logged in Thunkable before?

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This happens to me all the time in Thunkable. Try these in order (#1 usually fixes it for me):

  1. Hard refresh the browser tab: hold down the shift key and click the reload arrow symbol to reload the web page.
  2. Clear your browser cache (be sure to set it to All Time).
  3. Contact Support by clicking on the blue chat icon at the bottom-right of the Thunkable website.

Hey @bluerfox15uht9,

The suggestions above should work for you - one other observation is that you’re trying to access your /projectPage/

Do you also see the white screen when you go to your /project/ URL?

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all of the above

it also doesn’t open in thunkable live… not a good sign…

only on that one project, it also does not open on thunkable live. i thing it might have gotten corrupted
or something to that effect :thinking:

I’m working on making another version right now, ill dm you the project url so you guys can use it to do some debugging, I’ve attempted to make copies, change the name, open in incognito, etc, etc, etc.

how are you live testing if the project isn’t opening? Are you trying to preview your project from Thunkable Live?

I can manually reset the project assets for you (this happens from time to time) and it might resolve the issue if you want to PM me the original project URL?

Thanks @bluerfox15uht9

UPDATE: has a backup of the screen

Hey @bluerfox15uht9, this problem came to me also. Please just try to use a different browser like Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox

This may help because the problem got fixed once I used Microsoft Edge instead of Chrome, and I hope you are using Chrome browser for this

Hey, Yeah, sorry for the trouble. I had to rebuild it. Took me a good long while, but it worked out.

I’m Sorry that you had to make the post, I should have done it myself.

I always use chrome. If i could uninstall edge, I would