[Solved] Can't open thunkable

Hi, tried to go onto thunkable website but can’t seem to do so, it just gives me me a blank white page. anyone got same problem? thanks

Hey @laufookwaid,

We recommend that you use Chrome or Safari to use Thunkable.

Please do a hard refresh to get rid of the white page.



hi, thank you for your suggestion, but I’m already safari and I tried force reloading it for more than 5 times but its still a blank page, may I know what should I do? cuz its not the first time not being able to load onto thunkable. thank you very much!!!

Hey @laufookwaid,

I would typically use Chrome day-to-day, but I just tried Safari there and it worked fine for me:

Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

Where are you seeing the white screen? is it the projects page or in a specific project?

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hi @domhnallohanlon,

its the thunkable log in page im not able to go onto, but after clearing the browse cache, it can finally load onto my projects, thank you so much for your help!!!

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