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I asked this question a while back but never got a definitive answer re: how live preview is supposed to work.

I was made to understand that once a change isade in the app, if I back out to the main screen in Live Preview and then start my app again, I should see the changes but I don’t. I always have to quit Live Preview and restart.

Any thoughts?

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@steve_synopsis, you’re really going to just have to close your app, and re-open it. If you opened your app, while you’re editing, make sure your phone screen is still on, then it should change on the phone, as you’re editing it on your computer (there may be a 3-5 second delay between the time it is edited, and the time it is shown.) If your phone’s screen turns off while your editing, (which I think you’re experiencing here), then it won’t change live, so you need to just close your Live app, and then re-open it.

I don’t know why the app has these issues, but I’m just giving you feedback, from what I’ve seen in my own app building.

The point is, yes, it’s supposed to work, well, live but sometimes it doesn’t.

More info: Why my live test in ios, not Live ? How can i refresh for Live test? - Questions about Thunkable / Issues / Bugs - Community

Note: If you’re experiencing navigation issues with the Thunkable Live App (example: navigating from one screen to the other, and then your taken back to the previous screen), it’s probably not you block. It’s a current bug in the current Thunkable Live App, and if your experiencing, I do have a solution. If you’re not experiencing this glitch, then your all set!

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