Live Test screen issue

tl;dr: Thunkable Live displays the screen that is active on the phone rather than refreshing the project and showing the first screen as it used to.

I might be remembering this wrong but I thought that when you previewed in a browser, it displayed the screen you were editing first. So if you have Screen1, Screen2, and Screen3 and you were editing Screen2 and clicked Web Preview, it would show Screen2 in the browser preview. But with Thunkable Live, it would always show the first screen (Screen1) regardless of which screen you were editing.

Now, I’m noticing that when I click Live test on device and view the project in Thunkable Live, it shows whichever screen I am currently on in the project on the phone. So for example if I Live Test the project and navigate to Screen2, the next time I click Live test on device, it remains on Screen2 regardless of which screen I’m editing in the browser. This seems really inconvenient to me because there is effectively no way to reset the app except by manually navigating to the first screen (or whichever screen I need to view).

Can this please be reset to the way it was before where clicking Live test on device always displays the first screen regardless of which screen you’re currently viewing in the app?

Also reported here: Live Test screen issue · Issue #1172 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub


If this is the case it will be good. However, it should do this only for the project being edited not to all projects. Projects that are not being edited should start with the first screen.

I’m not sure what you mean. Are you referring to remixed projects?

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