Expected behavior of Live Test on Device


I would like get some clarity on how the Live Test on Device is supposed to work.

When I do a Live Test, if I make a change to the project, go back to the main screen on the Thunkable app and reselect the project, am I supposed to see the changes? Or do I have to quit the Thunkable app altogether and then restart?


@steve_synopsis Most changes should populate while you are previewing the project in the Thunkable Live app.

Ok, I tried a simple screen with a button and started the live test. Then did the following -

Added a second button in the app.
On the mobile, backed out to the menu and then went back into the app - no change.
Backed out again, opened another app, backed out of that and went back into the test app - still no change.

Had to back completely out of the app and restart it with a new code to see the change I made.

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