Real time live test on multi Screen

I would love Thunkable X to have the option for real-time live test on multi Screen When i work on screen 2 then i click on live test to view on smartphone it still show on screen 1 so i can not see the screen that i am working on.

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Move your screens around for testing/development purposes so the screen you are actively editing is first in the list. When you are done with it, place it in the screen tree where you please

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I agree that being able to set what screen is displayed in the companion would be a nice feature to have implemented… If I am remembering correctly it displayed the current screen you edited in the early stages of Thunkable X but later was changed.

I think a switch could solve this because there will be cases where you want to start from the first app screen but I also experience cases where I do not want to navigate through every step just to check some changes I just made on a particular screen…

I’ll file a feature request for this :slight_smile:

Best, Chris

Hi @mounglavy8ql4g :wave:

Thanks for the request. I would agree with @jared’s suggestion that you should:

To that end, we have a tutorial that shows how to do this: