Start screen (selection?) when live testing

Question to the community: Recently, when I click on the “Live Test”, my apps always start in the screen I am currently working in - not in my planned start screen. My workaround is: switch to the start screen before I start the live test (otherwise some variables and tables are not initialized correctly and the app does not run as it should).

I seem to remember reading here on the forum at some point that launching from the screen currently in progress is an optional feature that you can turn on if you like it. I just can’t find anything more about it - can anyone contribute?


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It is a feature, but I don’t think it is configurable :frowning:


Thanks @drted!

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You are correct. It used to be configurable feature in the feature page in the settings under the account menu.

Unfortunately, it is not available anymore.

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Thanks, @muneer!

This is a real pity, because by switching to the start screen I always have to leave the place in the blocks where I am currently working. And it takes a really long time to go back and scroll to the right place on large block pages. Maybe it would be a good idea to make it optional again?