Problem Live test "NOSCREEN"

have a problem with live test on ios iPhone…
I see “NOSCREEN” and app don’t open.
If i click on “Preview” i can test correctly the app.

Someone can help me ?


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Your general description of the issue does not help anyone.

Share you app so we can test and check.

thanks for your help, this is the app:

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You have TWO navigators inside each other.

You will need to create a dummy screen to be the first screen and in this screen put this block

i have tryed but not work, not is this the problem

If you have made the suggested changes and it still does not work, post a link to the updated project.

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It worked for me.

This is the link with the suggestion and it’s working

now work well !!

thanks muneer !

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Of course, I made a dummy screen but you can choose to drag your Login screen out of the Tab Navigator and use it as the starting screen without using the dummy screen.

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Glad to see your projects working now @salvio.senai7 ,

Feel free to share the result and mark the solution above by clicking the checkbox!

Happy THunking!

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