Blank screen when using ios app

Hey guys,
I have been trying to use the new thunkable ios builder and i am amazed at what you have produced!
But unfortunately, while trying to live test my app i found that it just showed a blank white screen!

I have tried dowloading my app, reinstalling the thunkable live application and even tried building other apps that still would not work!
I am not sure if it is a syntax problem with my code or a development bug!
Screenshots attatched

Thanks in advance! :grinning:

you should move the screen under navigator.

Like so?
I tried scanning it again but still just a blank screen!

I tried using a tab navigator instead and it was successful!
As it turns out it is only screen 1 that is blank which is still a problem considering the fact i have two text boxes and a button there!
If you have a solution please tell me!
Also is there a way to exclude certain screens from a tab navigator?

exclude certain screens?just don’t put the screenx under the navigator…

Thank you for that!
Any ideas on my screen 1 problem?
It is still blank, I am thinking some sort of coding error?!?

i try it’s ok.
or you need to put the screen1 under a stack navigator,then put the stack navigator under the draw navigator or tab navigator.

I have no idea what my problem is, it is just in screen1 and i have tried all that you said!
I am going to try remaking the first screen to see what my error is
thanks for the help

I have resolved the problem by remaking the screen!
Thanks for all the help!

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Having similar issues. I cannot navigate to my 2nd screen even if I get the first screen to show up with a button. The switch screen code doesnt seem to work. I think adding code is causing the issue.

Hi there. Does the block below not work for you to navigate between screens?