[Solved] Live Testing automatically opens on Screen1

Every Time I try making a funcktion it takes me back to the first screen im been working on a very important app and thats massing it all up please help me

Hi @Ibrahim_Albasri, welcome to the Thunkable community.

Have you read this post?

It really is a nuisance. You need to grab the block and do not let it drag the editor’s working field. Then spontaneous switching to another screen does not occur.

no thats not what i meant let me make you a video to show you what im talking about

@Ibrahim_Albasri, I think I know what you’re talking about now. To solve this issue please just move the screen you’re working on up to the top of your component tree and this should resolve the issue for you.

Screens can be positioned inside navigators, and above or below other screens, like this: