How to go to other screen

in ios thunkable
how to go to other screen ?
is there open other screen ?
is there a start value ?

thanks in advance

Just Like This: Go to screen 1 take a button and say that whenever he is clicked you want to navigate to screen 2.

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Check our this iOS beginner tutorial series, changing screens is covered here:

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thanks a lot
but can i send a start value and get it in the other screen ?

i watched it before i post the post but it did not help, i need a start value block


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Hi there. What are you using the start value block for? (Wondering if it might be possible for you to use Firebase)

Albert @ Thunkablle

We need some means of communicating between screens (e.g. a start value and an event handler to catch this event like on Android).

Otherwise we do not know when to read out values from local storage and thus we cannot update screen elements.

The screen start event only fires when launching the app - and this is not always very useful.

Anyone has a solution to this? Missing something like on OnScreenActivated and OnOtherScreenClosed event is really frustrating

A ‘navigate to’ Block does sound simple. But I can’t find that anywhere. Am I missing something?

I have the “navigate”-block right under the “open link on error” - block.

Maybe your display is too short for displaying all blocks. Could you try scrolling down? But I cannot see a scrollbar in your screenshot.

Try the Math-section and look, if the last block of the list is the “random fraction”-block, because I assume, that your display is too small when it comes to a long list of blocks…

Let us know, please!


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OK thanks. Yes I can see the ‘random fraction’ block. I do have a scroll when there are a lot of blocks. But on the Control list there was no scroll. Now I set the page’s font size to 90% and the missing Navigate block is visible on the screen.

smart workaround :ok_hand: