My app is not loading on the live test app

I created a small testing app, it works just fine on the browser but when I tried to use it on thunkable live app it doesn’t show or work at all.
Has anyone had this issue before?

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When you open Thunkable Live on your mobile device and then click Live Test, does the app display change at all? If not, is your mobile device on the same wifi network as your computer? Have you tried force quitting the app and re-opening it and also closing the project and re-opening it in a browser and then Live Testing again? Is there any difference?

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Can you share the link for your project so that to be tested on other mobiles and see if the same thing happens?

Hi, It is in the same networks, it does display the changes. I tied all troubleshooting uninstall/updating and none of it worked.

Thunkable here is the link, I tested in 2 other devices and the same is not displaying anything.


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I can see that you have your email and password text input behind the label.
If you remove the color you will see them.

If you want the text input fields to show over the label then you need to play with the ZIndex value of the Text Input. If you put say 10 they will be on top of the Gray label.

I hope this answers your query.

Thank you! That was it!

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