Problems with Thunkable live - Visualization issues

Good morning,
i’m having problems with the thunkable live app.

When I perform a live test on my computer everything works fine but if I do the test on my phone ( Iphone 6s IOS 13) something goes wrong.
In particular, I read a list of 15 elements form Firebsae and on the phone only the last one is displayed.

I thought this was a “Thunkable Live App” problem, so I Installed the app on the phone but the problem is still there.

Can you please tell me where could be the issue?
I’m concerned since the app runs smoothly on the Computer and has problems on the Phone which is the environment in which it is supposed to run.

PS the same tests have been run also on an Iphone8.

Thank you so much,

hey @wikilinks.infooleua0 - if you’re getting data and displaying something it sounds more like a potential issue with your blocks.

do you mean you are web testing in Thunkable, or are you using an emulator?


Hi Dom,
I would exclude the problems with the blocks since when i web test the app everything worsk fine, the problem arises only when the app is downloaded on the phone.

If I publish the app as a web app and I open it from the phone it works.