[Solved] Live test on device doesn't work

When I check my App on my phone, it doesn’t work, but it works fine in web preview.
The blocks are different.
Schermafbeelding 2023-11-25 184640


It works fine on my iPhone 13 Pro in the Thunkable Live app. It waits 1 second and navigates to the second screen. Does it do that on your phone? What kind of phone are you using. I wouldn’t worry about the blocks looking different. There isn’t really a point to viewing the blocks on a phone. It’s showing the screen ID instead of the name which should still work. Technically, it may be a bug but… again, it’s not preventing my phone from navigating to the “Vandaag” screen.

On my phone (OnePlus Nord2 5G) it waits one second and navigates to the second screen “vandaag” but you can’t navigate to the other screens, it keeps popping back to the “vandaag” screen.
On the web preview, everything works fine.

Hi @frederikdeclercq44o1, please see this post about issues with the Thunkable Live app and how to download an older version of the app that does not have this problem.

Thank You.