Loop on the live test on device but its work in the web preview

Hi! its my first post hehe.

A couple of days ago I’ve been using Thunkable to develop a small game. Normally I do a live test from my mobile while I move the blocks and configure everything, but since I started both to implement a sound and the simple thing of moving between screens, it starts to give me an infinite loop, that is. Jump to the next screen and shortly return to the beginning. It’s something that only happens to me from the mobile test but if I do the web preview everything goes smoothly so I don’t know whether to trust it from the web or the application.


For example, in this case I have a simple button that, when pressed, takes you to another screen and also stops the music. When you perform this action, it goes to the screen for a couple of seconds but then returns to the initial one and the music does not stop but everything falls into a loop, but the same does not happen from the web, where when you press the button the music stops, The screen changes and everything works.


It should be said that I don’t have any timer or anything, I just used a couple of waiting blocks for a simple loading screen.

Can you post a link to your project?

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This sounds like it is a part of a current known bug with the Thunkable Live app, unfortunately. Please see this post. We are still working on getting a fix for this released but you can find a link in this post to download a stable version of the app.

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