[Fixed v434 December 2023] Thunkable Live 430-2 App Navigation Issues


I have recently sent my app to the stores both Android and iOS, today i updated my thunkable software and i’m having quite a problem with it.

Everything was working fine but, since i made this new update, i found some issues with the Timer component.

Nonetheless i disable it or just switch it off, it keeps on running with no reasons (it never had this problem before the update)

Did it happen to someone else or is it just me?

The blocks are quite huge and different, so i’m manually trying to find out a solution but i wonder why it happeend only after the new update

Thank you very much for your help

Hi @maurizio.polverini89, appreciate you flagging this issue.

So are you saying that even if you disable the timer in the blocks
Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 10.32.40 AM

The timer does not stop for you?

i have a startup screen with a timer on that screen and my app just keeps looping when live testing it i am at a lost why is this happening i had the same screen for 4 years i have change nothing, but the app is acting differently now ??

hi, show the code you 're using now

Did you recently update your app?

Hello Thunkers,

It’s “drag and drop” project

Everything was working OK but since i checked my app recently. I found some issues with the Timer component.
If click correct answer it will have ‘Good Job!’ sound but when I click the incerrect answer just once. I found the issue is ‘Try again sound’ (It’s play up with the answer is incorrect) play all the game.
I confuse so much becase the code is used to find . I wonder how can I slove this ploblem and why I got this ploblem.

( Here is my project link)

Thank you so much for your help :heart:

Hello Community,

I’m facing an issue while using Thunkable and creating a Tab Navigator with tabs for “Home,” “About,” “Contact,” and “Setup.” In my project, I’ve set up a specific image to be displayed when clicking on “Home” and another for “About.” However, when I click on “About,” the image opens as intended, but after a few seconds, the navigation automatically returns to “Home.”

I would like to understand why this is happening and how I can ensure that the image remains on the “About” screen until I manually decide to return to the “Home” screen. I appreciate any help and guidance in resolving this issue!

Thank you!

Hello Matt,

thank you for your kind reply.

Yes, i tried both the enable true/false button and the stop button.

When i open new screens i have added just in case the blocks for disabling the timers, but they still count (even though they are supposed to stop after few seconds automatically)

I have also tried to check if they were enabled, but using these blocks they both say they are disabled

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-17 at 11.16.15

But clearly affected from a timer if i move using the bottom tab navigator, after few seconds i am brought back to homepage with no reason


i have also disabled all the blocks in the splash screen an home screen, with literally no actions to be taken if screens open.
Still the same issue, after few seconds if i push any button on the bottom tab navigator, it leads me back to the home screen.

Apparently in the homepage, even i no actions is taken, it refreshes itself as AdMob keeps on loading/updating

So i test it out on a third phone firstly the live
App was not updated yet and i had no issues but as soon i update the looping thing happen.
The screen in question only have a timer to move to next screen if the person did not put in a username so it also uses local storage to save that info.

i think i am having this same issue

I have tried to download the APK to check if it was just Thunkable Live having problems or also the APK.

After the installation I had a quick check, it appears that it works just fine.

Maybe you can try the same? @kizzy

Still having issues though with Thunkable Live

interesting but that is frustrating trying to fix the app in the testing mode only to find out it works when package hmm

With a timer or with your project navigating back to the original screen in the app when viewing this on Thunkable Live?

@maurizio.polverini89 There is a current known issue with navigation in the Thunkable Live app, this sounds similar. Users are experiencing an issue where if they complete an action to navigate to a different screen, they are sent to the next screen but then automatically sent back to the previous screen. Does this sound like the issue you are seeing?

@kizzy This is the same issue you are describing in Issue with newest Thunkable update. It is a known bug that we are attempting to replicate and fix.

It sounds slighly familiar but with these differencies:

  • doesnt matter how many screens i open or navigate, i’ll always be sent back to the home screen after the same amout of seconds (around 6), that’s why i thought it was the timer
    For instance if i open another screen straight away, i’ll be in that screen for 6 seconds, if i open it after 5 seconds the homepage started, i will be in that screen for 1 second.

  • i disabled all the blocks while “when screen opens” so when i open the app in thunkable live it doesnt properly do any actions but still i’m brought back to the homepage (the first one of the tab navigator)

Hope it can help for your fix

Thanks again for your help

If you want to take a look yourself i can share the project link

Thanks @maurizio.polverini89 – part of the issue is that we are not always able to replicate this with our own apps. We are attempting to figure out how to consistently replicate the issue first.

Hi @thankforapppl, welcome to Thunkable :tada:

I appreciate you taking the time to give this detail on your issue. I am not sure if it is specifically related to the timer yet but it is a known issue. We are currently working to replicate the issue on our end and will update you here once a fix is discovered. Thank you!

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@adilsonsantana Thanks for flagging. This is a known issue that we are currently working to replicate on our end. I will update you here as we learn more. Thanks again for your patience! :star_struck:

Yes that is what happening