[Fixed on Android v434, iOS soon] Thunkable Live App Navigation Bug

when i test my app there is bug when i click a button and go to other screen it goes back to the home screen automatically after about 5 seconds… I checked over my blocks and i dont know what else to do!? This happens on every screen!

Please help


This bug has been fixed by the Thunkable team. It should be good now!
(You may need to update your Thunkable Live app to fix the bug)

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hello thank you very much but i have another problme and it is that i dont know how to share it on my phone becouse my phone has a diffrent email can you please tell me how i share it to my phone useing my laptope.
thank you

@1aa05329zv6 I have replied to that topic. You can also see it here :point_down: