Stay logged in not working... bug?


My logical mind doesn’t go along with that…

I just want that when someone logs in and wants to stay logged in, they don’t have to log in again when they close the app.

So I build this:


and this is the main block, where the user id gets safed:

Now the problem is:

After testing he is directly jumping to the home screen, this is fine BUT after then I can’t navigate to another site… it is literally sticking on the home screen and ALWAYS jumping back to it but this makes no sense at all because my block is saying “when Login(screen) opens, then do…”

Can anyone tell me what I’m missing here ?

Best regards

@meko137 Are you testing this on the Thunkable Live app for iOS?

It sounds like, and looks like, you are running into this known bug.

There will be a delay in the update on the Thunkable live app on iOS.

We updated the Platform and the Thunkable live app on Android.

To test the app on iOS without issue you will need to download or publish it.

Let us know if this makes sense! Thanks!


Oh wow, ok I didn’t know that.

So there is really a bug for live testing via iOS.

First of all thank you a lot. I was just trying and trying to find out what I was doing wrong.

I just tested it now with the web preview and yes, it works fine there.

Then I wait and hope that the bug will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

Thanks you!

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