Suddenly the thunkable live app stop working it doesn't go beyond the login screen

I reinstalled and restart my phone and still doesn’t go beyond the login screen it stays there, anyone having the same problem? :sob:

go to settings delete it of there then download it again

Did u try clicking LOGIN?

Thanks :smile:

haha of course I tried every thing bug the problem appears and disappears by himself … right now is workin normally!

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Good. :wink:

Plz Edit the title as [Solved] Suddenly…

Just happened again :persevere:

Hi there,
Did you mean you still stuck here? :thinking:

Yes thats right! at the moment is working but 10min agos it wasn’t, it has been all day like this I think I would only wait until it fix itself apparently I’am the only one with this bug

Have you ever try to find a unknown or own project to live test,see whether will it navigate to the project ? :thinking:

I just experience this after sign in it just display the home screen in a few second before it display the thunkable logo

Btw before this it didn’t happened it just suddenly