Thunkable X Beginner Tutorials


1: Platform Overview

Learn how the platform works and how to navigate different app building sections.

New Topics Covered

  • Installing Thunkable Live [Android] [iOS]
  • Introduction to the designer
  • Component Tree
  • Component Properties


  • None



2: Text-to-Speech

Learn how to build an app that speaks a phrase when you push a button.

New Topics Covered

  • Add Buttons
  • Add Text-to-Speech
  • Introduction to the Blocks Editor
  • Click Event
  • Speak Function
  • Empty Strings



3: Random Answer Generator

Learn how to build a random answer generator app. This app is kind of like a Magic 8 Ball.

New Topics Covered

  • Labels
  • Random item of List
  • Add item to list
  • Remove item from list



4: Translator

Learn how to build an app that can translate into dozens of different languages!

New Topics Covered



5: Camera and Image Recognition

This tutorial teaches you how to work with the camera component and the image recognizer

New Topics Covered



6: Scavenger Hunt

Discovery how if statements can be used to handle decisions in your app


7: Spreadsheet App

Learn how to build a survey app that stores responses in the Spreadsheet component.

Spreadsheet To get cell data : problem with blocks that crash the app