Thunkable developer needed

Hi. I’m looking to create a single app integrating several remixed apps, per the following:

  1. Branding screen/login. (A home screen with buttons that gives access to these other apps)
  2. News (to pull in feeds from Wordpress, Twitter - possibly based on Personal Feed - or something else)
  3. Chat
  4. Translator (based on Kon’nichiwa)
  5. Photo sharing (based on Gram)

It would be far simpler if I were able to create an initial app/screen, and copy out the design/blocks from the others, but at present you have to recreate/mix the others. Is there anyone in the community available to help me develop this - for a fee, of course. I have to believe this is fairly straight forward to someone expereienced in building on the X platform - beyond piecing the apps together, it’s also a matter of applying a uniform design scheme. Thanks!

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Hi. Thanks for your response suggesting I use Project Manager tool. I’m going to try it. (I see that your post was withdrawn - is there a reason for that?)

Related question - I’m developing the app in the X platform. Will the Project Manager tool work on that platform? Thanks again.

my answer is not relevant for X