First impressions with Thunkable X

Hi Guys,

Well, I had a first contact with Thunkable X and I’ve noticed it’s basically the same thing as Thunkable IOS. As I never tried using Thunkable IOS before, it’s a little bit difficult to me to understand how everything works… Is there any tutorial I can see (or read) about how to use Thunkable X?


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Hey Kleyber,

You’re right – it’s the same general platform as iOS – you can take a look at our tutorial videos or our documentation for iOS to get started.

Hope this helps and we hope to have more resources available soon -


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Um sorry to interfere here. But i applied for the beta why didn’t I get an email back?

Power Thunker had the possibility to test it before, you will have email back soon

I agree with you, I am a little lost about Thunkable IOS

Companion is awesome, fast and I tried at the same time 1 tablet android and 1 IPhone, that’s great!

Some features are not yet in X, and I hope to see it soon like much more properties (width, height for button to feet to small and big screen, height and width of screen change name of a component…)

without the ability for using extensions , it will be difficult to use
and it must contain all of the android thunkable components
but for now it’s just a step at the right direction

I’m tryng Thunkable X just now. As for iOS version, I don’t like so much user interface but it’s only because I’m not yet used to it. I apreciate the possibility to drag&drop component in components list without move them on screen preview: it’s very usefull and easy to manage.
There are too few components at the moment but I hope this platform become soon much more complete. Priceless the “create once use everywhere” possibility.

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Hi there – thanks for this feedback – all of these are definitely on our roadmap – we hope to have them for you soon.


Hi there. We are going to whitelist new users once a week so keep an eye out for an email from us.


Hi there – we are planning to add a lot more components in the next couple of months – are there any in particular that you are looking for?


Hi there, which extensions would you like to see on this platform? We can try to add them as components.



IMHO, at the moment, component in User Interface area are the most useful.
Anyway, good work!

Sqllite extension with the ability for handling the *.sqlite files
and spreadsheet component
some of taifun tools
colin treelistview


Hi to all!
Glad to be also a part of the testers.
Some points to consider below (somewhat chaotically presented :smile:)

I would love to see some more customization implemented in the next months, for example the drawer currently can contain the screens as a list but it would be nice to be able to set an icon also…

Is it possible to change the name of a Tab Navigator? In case I need to have a structure like the one in the screenshot below I would like to be able to customize the name of the Tab Navigator since it looks ugly in the Drawer

I guess that Text to Speech component is going to have more languages added?

With respect to the extensions I would like to be able to add all these extensions that are not (and won’t be) part of the native components…

Also is there any point of connecting via usb to live test the app??? I mean that it may be possible to have internet access in the laptop (via LAN for example) but not on the phone (perhaps limited data plan??), usb may be handy in such times…

As this is a beta phase I am certain that the development team will enhance the platform in the months to come. Overall I think that it is a nice platform but it needs a lot to do so as to become better than the existing Android platform… Also I think that it is fantastic that Thunkable X is cross platform !

In time I hope to be able to test further and provide some more feedback…


:+1: I’m agree

Thank you so much for the feedback – taking all of this back to our developers and hoping we can get them on the roadmap soon.

Albert @ Thunkable

Great initiative with Thunkable X!

I have one issue that prevents my app from running on Android though: local storage seems erratic and prevents the app from starting up.

I am initiating my database in the Screen1.Starts() block by reading fields and write them back if they do not exist (e.g. reading null values). This seems to malfunction.


no need to hurry… this was just the BEGINNING!!! :rofl::rofl:
I just played a couple of hours… to see the interface.
I have not attempted to actually build an app and see how all fits together.

Also, having no iPhone device (android freak :japanese_ogre:) to do real time testing I have not used iOS platform, guess now I will have to take a look at the documentation to see in detail how some components work since all is based there…

I would love some more customization options though… for example:

  • blocks for tab navigator and drawer navigator so that we can change properties with user actions and not only on design
  • tab navigator buttons has no ability to change background color or font properties or selection highlighter
  • text to speech component ability to choose male or female option + more languages

Please at some point fix this
(I know it is already mentioned & acknowledged but…)


anyway I also wanted to share my personal work around for the browser bookmarks
(rename the damn thing…) :joy::joy::joy:

I will play around and if anything comes to mind…
thanks @albert

1. When will it be possible to generate an apk without having to uninstall the companion?
2. No Do for blocks exists??? Will this be added? It is useful for debugging!!!

I would like to have bluetooth support in order to use proximity technologies like iBeacons or similar. I will work on an app for a museum in next months and I would like to use Thunkable X to release both version, Android and iOS.

I like to set my browser in full screen mode

Android :

X do not fit to the full screen, It looses some space

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