I'd like to see extensions in Thunkable X

I love thunkable X’s layout design and features, but It feels like a downgrade from thunkable classic. Where is admob? I refuse to use thunkable X until they add at least admob, non the less extensions. The thing that made (in my opinion) thunkable classic so amazing was the community additions. If you go to Index of Available Extensions you can see all of the amazing extensions the community has made for the platform. Thunkable X is trying to hog all of the features. Give us, the community a role in this.

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The fewer users will use Thunkable X, the slower and longer it will develop to a stable version. But this is the right of every user to use or not use it, to report or not about bugs in its work.


So you want them to add features and new components a day. It takes a lot of time developing something.


For me Thunkable X it’s the right one and i like it. Maybe in future the developers will add more components (I hope…)

In my view thunkable x is the worst of what they offer, i used to work on thunkable classic and will continue to do so, i am also learning working on android studio so i can move to that but will never use thunkable x its really confusing with lack of essential features.

But i love the thunkable community because they are very active and always help each other. It is the only thing apart from continue support of thunkable classic have made me stick to this platform.


Hi, what is the problem.
No one has to use thunkable X.
But for people building apps for both platforms IOS and Android it is the ONLY development environment.
It is a brilliant and easy to use tool for cross platform development!


The initial versions of any platform lacks many features. More and more features and bugs are solved in subsequent versions. Ever seen the first version of app inventor/eclipse ?

I feel Thunkable is doing very good progress. And it’s a matter of time when all the features are available.



I absolutely agree with your opinion.
Thunkable X is really great !!


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there are lot’s of things to say that thunkable X is the worst

  1. No extension adding component
  2. API level is 26
  3. 48 errors & 32 crashes 4 ANRs
  4. more & more…

ICYMI: Latest Thunkable ✕ Release - Compatibility with Android 8.0 / API 26


I like thunkable X so much. The app has the same behavior running at both (iOS and Android). Only developer that have been developed fo both using another pletaform knows what this means. But, codng logic in blocks is slow to experincied programmers. It will better if have an Basic Like or javaScript for code logic.

I am a community member, too. Few weeks ago, I had similar thoughts. May I lead you to another thread, where I wanted to collect all these ideas of you:

I would be great to have comments from you in the thread, I linked above.

Cheers, user81

I agree with you that Thunkable X could only be made under iOS. But you forget that the root of the problem is in Apple itself. This company does not want its devices to be programmed by anyone who decides, as in the case of Android. Apple is doing everything possible to make it as difficult as possible to complicate the development of applications to third-party people. And I have reason to think that Apple simply will not let Thunkable X implement everything we want.


Hi peaple, 2 considerations :

  1. Android x IOS - The “Game of Phones” : Dont use Thunkable X focusing your app to Android Driven Apps. Use Thunkable X having the both OS systems (iOS and Android) in mind. They are very diferent in so many aspects, and your app must have the same behavior in both. Unlike this, native development for each one is the only way.
  2. Apple “God of phones” : I have 3 apps published in apple, i Know well what it means. The development focus have been change.A few year ago, the manufacturer rules the game.Now, the user rules the game. Will survive who propitiate the best user experience. Apple will loose so much sales if dont think about it.

Well, an “experienced developer” wouldn’t use a lego-like app building tool, instead would work in an integrated development environment specifically for that, such as XCode or Android Studio. As well, JavaScript is a web language, so I don’t see anyway how it could be used for making native apps.

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Realy you are in reason, but i suggested to make a union with the power of the visual secreen configuration and the velocity of a keboard typed language. “Experienced developers” must to know how to evaluate the best platform to him whereas learning time, how much work it will take and, ever the longer step : Testing, having ever in mind that “time is money”. I have some apps published in Google Android and Apple iOS built using Android Studio, swift XCODE, ionic, cordova whit pure JS/HTML, so, i consinder myself an “experienced developer”, and, in a parttialy agreement with you, i didn´t like lego-like logic, but, i loved so much the visual screen layOut configuration. I suggested javaScript because its the most common language by now (any web developer knows) . It could be a BASIC-Like, or C-Like, or Python also is a good idea.

Now i have the advise that thunkable inserts their logo as a splashscreen in our apps.
So, forget thunkable for professional apps.
Really its not necessary to Thunkable to be known as the best platform of the ages.

That’s already possible in Android Studio, and that is literally how you design UI in XCode.

Features like “instant run” takes 5 seconds or so, to test the app instantly on your phone.

Thunkable X is built on React Native, so there is no way JavaScript, Python, C, BASIC or any other language as of so, could do be integrated.

Personally, not to be offensive, I can’t consider you an experienced developer as far as I have read your post.

Well, if you don’t have enough skills to code the program yourself, this is the best approach to advertise the platform to others, this also shows what kind of cool apps you have made with the platform.

Sorry, I know Android Studio and X Code Visual design and be sure, nothng compares thunkable and app inventor.

Sorry, “intant run” is only one step what i means about “tests”. when i said tests i means Unit Tests, Features Test, coding test, coding conpany standards, user interface tests, API level tests, It takes weeks. Running only “instant tests” is not professional.