First Thunkable X impressions: is Thunkable still committed to Android?

I recently got access to Thunkable X and started exploring it, here are my first impressions.

There are a few features I don’t understand and others that don’t see to work. That’s not a big deal as this version of Thunkable is still in an early stage of development and I’ll eventually get more familiar with it.

The IDE is fast and some of the components have several useful new features such as the layout and scaling options. However, I don’t like the color scheme as it reduces usability. Contrast is low and the colors seem washed out. Legibility is poor on screens such as those of some Chromebooks that may have low quality panels and limited viewing angles.

Aside from this Thunkable X has a deeper issue that concerns me.

In short, everything in Thunkable X screams iOS. The IDE, the documentation, the look and feel of the generated apps.

Even if I don’t personally use iOS, supporting iOS in addition to Android is a good thing as it gives Thunkable a wider user base, access to new markets, and more potential paying customers, thus offering growth opportunities and long term support. But the current iOS-first focus of Thunkable X makes Android support feel unwelcome, a legacy feature to be eventually deprecated and abandoned.

This makes me wonder whether Thunkable is still committed to Android. I don’t know whether I’m right to be concerned but this is certainly the perception I get.

The main consequence of the iOS-first focus is the Android apps created with Thunkable X feel like iOS apps or otherwise non native. As a user I don’t like the Android ports of iOS apps that still retain a strong iOS flavor and don’t adapt to the platform’s native design language and features, i.e. Material design. I don’t need or want such apps neither as a user nor as a developer. I instead want my apps to look native, well integrated and at home on Android. I want more Material Design, not less.

The Thunkable X approach simplifies development and maintenance for the Thunkable team and reduces costs. These are all good things. But forcing a iOS look and feel on Android is a disservice to the platform and its users. A good cross-platform development tool and framework should instead adapt and make apps look native on all the supported platforms like Google’s Flutter.

Thunkable was a huge improvement over App Inventor because of its initial support for Material Design. But Thunkable X is a step in the opposite direction and it’s not what I hoped and was looking for.

I’m disappointed and expected something different.


This is my perception, too. And I’m afraid.


Hi there – thanks for your honest feedback especially since you are not the only one who seems to feel this way.

Let me first start by saying that we are just getting started.

There is no intention for this to be a platform that prefers one operating system over another – if you haven’t seen what you are looking for, it’s not be design, just that it will take us time to get it in place.

In fact, many of our visible components do support material design and they should since we are building off of the work of the ReactNative community, which by design tries to support the native experiences of both Android and iOS.

One thing that we have observed is that despite the Android and iOS efforts, many developers today are opting for a single design language across both platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Slack are some examples of this). Developers in general don’t think it’s worth the time maintaining two separate design languages and we think that this is more likely than not where app design is headed. One interesting observation is that even the hardware at the top end is starting to look the same.

You’ll notice that our first advanced sample app has a design that is neither specifically Android or iOS.


To expand on Albert’s point, we are absolutely committed to Android in ✕! There are still more Android devices out there in the world than iOS, and the Android developer ecosystem is still more open than iOS’s. We want our users to be able to develop the app of their dreams for both platforms as easily as possible.



We have a healthy mix of Android & iOS users working here at Thunkable so we need apps created with X to work equally well on both. We’re working hard to accomplish that: I don’t always work on X. But when I do, I have both emulators running.


Hello @Amoroso

I believe Thunkable x is definitely developed on a digital platform unlike than app-inventor. We notice there has been a lot of challenges in implementations of current AI-Android platforms and extension developers also notices the same. Thunkable-X Being just launched, i was impressed with Thunkable x now supports 50MB project size, Material Look and feel in it’s initial stages, where as android platform still lags in this areas. AppInventor been for a decade now and still incomplete. I do agree thunkablex is in its initial stages, however i am hoping this will take a lightning fast progress in terms of all the components that we are using in Android, But the possibilities are endless in the new platform of Thunkablex.

I am sure Thunkable X will shine in future, with more components, more possibilities for extension on both IOS & Android platforms :+1:

Happy Thunking!


Thanks @albert @Mark @mike for the clarification and reassurance, I really appreciate it.

As to @albert’s point on developers targeting a single design language across all platforms, as a user I don’t like this. But, if it’s an industry trend, there’s not much I can do. I hoped a good cross platform framework would take care of most of the maintenance and platform customization work, at least for apps with common user interface elements and interaction flows.

I look forward to Thunkable X growing and improving and I’m sure iOS support is going to indirectly benefit me even if I use only Android.

Thanks again.


Hello sir,if i made app on thunkable x can i upload my apk to both playstore and appstore?


Is there is any monetization option n thunkable x?

Not yet, but there will be.