Strategic thoughts for the future of thunkable

Hi there,

the launch of thunkable X was recent months ago. Since then I got a feeling for the use of the two platforms X and classic.
First learning is, that for high fidelity programming, which is absolutely possible in thunkable :grinning: :+1: , it needs the use of both platforms. The design concepts of Google and Apple are so different and you even cannot say which is better.

How can this be congruent with the cross platform strategy?
It can!
The solution could be introducing components into thunkable X, which are iOS only.

From the beginners point of view, there is thunkable X and it can do cross platform - fine :grinning:.

From the power thunkers view, she or he can use thunkable X plus these iOS-only-components for iOS devices and thunkable classic with community aix-file extensions for android - super awesome :star_struck:.

I assume, that the development of iOS components is much easier and therefor faster, when the @thunkable team wont have to make this component functional for android as well.
The Headline for potential users of thunkable would be:

β€œStart crossplatform and if you need more special functionality for iOS, you can use our iOS-only-components in your thunkable X project, or you start a parallel thunkable classic project and can use rich extensions from the community.”

Do you get my arguments? Am I wrong in this argumentation?
Let me know! cheers User81

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I do not agree with you.
Thunkable Cross is the best choice to create one app for both iOS and Android. You needn’t spend time working on both platforms and the design will be 100% different.
One design, one platform and one time lead to an app in one design for both iOS and Android.

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I’m agree with @User81 but

implies that thunkable classic will be still supported from the team (at least bug fixing and manteinance).

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