Thunkable X Merge of Projects


Hi all,

As a high school teacher I am really loving Thunkable X… There are students in my class with IOS phones and others with Android phones and it all works beautifully.
However, I have found no way to merge projects yet.
This specifically as I have groups of students making one App. This means one student might make a splash screen and others the Home screen etc.
But I have found no way to merge the projects of separate students into one finished project.
The Classic version could export AIA’s that could be merged together.

Can anybody out there help?


The only work around at the moment would be for them to log into the same account and work on their own screens however I am not sure how well that would work with multiple changes at the same time. Might be worth a test? Merging projects is something we have all really wanted but seems to be a long ways out.


Hi there,

Unfortunately it’s not possible to merge Thunkable X apps at the moment.
You could get them to log into the same app project at different times to work on the app, but ultimately Thunkable X isn’t that amenable to collaborating on projects right now.


Okay… Thanks for the feedback!
I hope this will be incorporated into Thunkable as it is wonderful software for my students.
Now… just bringing the bad news to my students… Means they will have to have one main project and manually recreate the screens/code etc of each…


I have now told my groups of students that each should assign a person to be the “Master Programmer” that takes care of assimilating all the screens and blocks that the team might make.
Not ideal but will do until Thunkable gets updated to include collaboration. :wink: