Group Project - App assembly

My students are building an app for iOS. There are 8 different students working on as many pages. I’m looking for information on how to bring all of them together into one project. - Thanks

While in the development environment there are no functions for this and my thoughts are like that.

I found that one Thunkable account can be accessed from two computers and it is possible to work simultaneously with the same application. The problem is that while editing only one user work will be saved.

You can do this: create one shared account with a common application. Students debug applications in their projects and then one by one everyone copies their algorithms to one common application on their screen. But then you need to somehow determine the order of the update, so that several students do not work simultaneously with one common application.

Another variant. One student is appointed to lead the group. Students carry out the assignment and give it the general access to links to their already partially completed work. The team leader checks them and manually integrates them into their large application. You can organize students in two groups of 4 people with a team leader in each of them.

If all students work on one big project, then their roles can be distributed. For example, one is working with data and storages in Thunkable, the second is preparing resource files for the project in a graphical editor, the third is creating an interface in the interface editor, the fourth is integrating web technologies into the project in a web editor, etc.

Variant with the leader of the group is better. He will be responsible for the work of his team members.

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