Using Thunkable X in classroom settings

Love Thunkable and the partnership with the Congressional App Challenge. We ran a class last weekend and here is a question (or suggestion for a feature).

Is there a way to ‘live share’ an app, because in our setup we have a desktop computer for each girl but not necessarily a (working) device for each one. Switching Google Accounts on a phone is a pain and some girls used school issues accounts with work, but want to enforce school policy on the phone and so on.

We worked with the ‘share’ button which is nearly what we need with two bottlenecks

  • The shared project seems to be a snapshot copy and when the project of the student is updated, it seems to need re-sharing.
  • The sharing link cannot be opened on a mobile device and it would help to have an easy way to transfer the link, e.g. QR code.

Even better would be the concept of a teacher account associated with each student account. The teacher account could see and live view all students projects.

Thank you so much and we love Thunkable and especially the ImageRecognizer :slight_smile: