Thunkable PRO for Education

Hi everyone,

We’d really like your feedback about educational pricing so if you have 1 minute to complete this survey it would be much appreciated.

Please feel free to share with anyone else in your PLN who you think might be interested.



I am responding to a lot of requests now regarding Thunkable for mobile app development. I would personally like to move forward with student accounts and Also get some teaching resources out there. I am using this witb years 7-13 now with great success. But a teacher platform would be amazing.

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That’s awesome! What kind of features would you like to see on a teachers platform?

The ability to enter and manipulate student projects to be able to grade/provide support?

More features? If so, what would they be?

Maybe you’d like to see more tutorials?

For teachers it would be great to have a way of accessing students work direct from within a group maybe the ability to link with Google Classrooms to set assignments etc.
Many teachers ask me for resources, the more recent videos are good short and simple to follow I think teachers would like more of that. The competitions are a great idea maybe an schools competition would be nice with timing not to early in the academic year.
The biggest thing in education is always cost. Most schools utilise free software so keeping the cost of a schools licence is important.



I would like to see the ability for students to collaborate on an app. I am new to Thunkable and have a group of 5 students who are developing an app for our school. I do not see a way for us to combine their screens into a single project.

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I don’t think that works at the moment I tried this around a year ago . It would be a great feature


The only issue they may run into is that this platform is not meant for collaborative work, like google docs.

However, provided they all were assigned different tasks it may work well. You should try this and get back to us! I wonder how the thunkable servers will deal with simultaneous instances of the same project???

any input from @Mark @domhnallohanlon @jane or any other admins on this?

the real test, if they aren’t able to answer in the next 24 hours will be to test this idea out and provide an answer to the community! Who’s with me?

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We strongly recommend against multiple people sharing an account to work on the same project. I sent you a private message on the subject. I’ll post a better solution online later.


Oops! :sweat_smile:

@paulmw I have deleted my post :+1:
Apologies for wrong info :pray:

Thanks! :blush:

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Nothing to apologize for. Thanks for helping out!


Can you expand on why you recommend against this? Is there a post with a better solution?

Accounts are only meant for one person. Multiple people editing the same project will cause to them to write over each other’s work on our servers, leading to broken and unrecoverable projects.

We recommend each student having their own account, and work on their individual screen in the app. Then one person can save the screens of the other students and merge them into one project. Check out the post below for how to save a screen.


Awesome! Thanks for the info!

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Sorry to refresh a very old thread but I’m curious about this idea of co-developing apps in Thunkable.

@paulmw Are you suggesting that students work on separate screens for a single app in separate projects within their own accounts and then one student remixes all of the projects, saves each screen from each project and then imports those screens into one final project for publishing?

Or is there a better way to do this?

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I work at a university teaching 1st Year ICT and a Foundation Computer Science course. I want to promote Thunkable as a cross platform Web App environment. Is there an academic licence to permit students to develop web apps?

I don’t know the answer to that myself but you can contact Thunkable about educational pricing on this page:


Hey @another95thesesh, welcome to the community. We have quite a few schools and universities who use Thunkable in their courses.

I’ve passed your details on to our EDU team who will be in touch soon. Are you planning on using Thunkable this semester?

I have filled out the form to get Thunkable pro education pricing twice and have never received a response. Can someone tell me what the pricing is and how to get it?

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I’ve tried to contact thunkable regarding an education subscription - pricing etc, but I’ve not heard anything back. Can anyone enlighten me and let me know pricing, we’re in Melbourne Australia.

Thank you in advance

@hmno968 did you reach out via the form?

If you email we’ll be able to get a better sense of your requirements and outline the applicable prices.