Thunkable Book and Teacher Collaboration

Hi, I just released an ebook on Thunkable which targets self-directed learners and is also organized well for the classroom.

I’ve also started a shared google doc for sharing K-12/University teaching materials.

Shoot me an email at if you’d like access to the shared doc.

Dave Wolber
Professor, University of San Francisco


Thank you for sharing your resources! I would love access. My school email address is

I am creating a App Development Unit for my Grade 8 Students. I use to use - CS Discoveries Unit 4 but I found the students wanted a more feature rich environment to build a prototype. So far thunkable has been a success but I am simply just one step ahead of the kids at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Dave

I would be interested if you’re still working on the project. I have a fair few resources now but with the new interface will need to adapt them

PM me if you are still looking for contributers