Thunkable in K-12 classes


We offer online after school courses for kids and I just would like to make sure that its okay to to use Thunkable in some of our classes for our students.

Thank you in advance,

Fawez Holanda

Hi @fawezholanda03f204

Yes it would be okay!! Thunkable would be perfect for this!! Please contact support to find pricing for educators if the free plans don’t work for you and your students!

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I teach an elective course in app development using Thunkable for 7th and 8th graders. Welcome!

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Hey! Do you have a curriculum lined out already you’d be willing to share?! Maybe via DM or Twitter would be better.

I don’t really have anything formal written up. I start with discussing favorite apps/games the kids like, then have them brainstorm ideas, I introduce data sources and APIs (a mistake because it’s so difficult and time-consuming for them), and then they sketch and/or wireframe their ideas using Adobe XD. The rest of the time is coding and testing in Thunkable. I add a few skills here and there as needed. It’s a surprisingly limited amount of time… about fifteen 45-minute classes spread out over 2-3 months.