Apps made at school


I do not know yet Thunkable but I’m going to soon create it out of personal curiosity, but what interests me most is to know if thunkable is suitable for teaching, for educational purposes, to realize app to students who are 11/13 years old and if you can create apps even without owning an account such as with AppInventor. I find that thunkable is more complete and accativante especially because it is multiplatform and therefore I hope the answer is positive.



Personally, I feel Thunkable is suitable for teaching. Are the students already familiar with coding? If so, they’ll grasp Blockly without any effort.


sono convinta anch’io che sia come dici, il mio problema è però che gli alunni sono minorenni e quindi non possono avere l’account google. Non so se ci sia una soluzione per questo. Ora provo ad utilizzare thunkable così forse mi rendo conto meglio di cosa posso fare.
Se hai qualche suggerimento ti ringrazio sei davvero gentile.


I also agree thunkable suit for teaching because I’m 16 years old. And I have publish apps to google play. And also I have earned money about $34. :wink: :wink: If you like install it by here


I think it is a great tool for education. I’ve been using MIT’s App Inventor with my 7th and 8th graders for years, and Thunkable follows the same ideas.

My only problem is that I teach in Connecticut and we have a new student data privacy law that says teachers can only use products from developers who agree compliance with the law and sign a contract with each school district. I’ve emailed and tweeted to Thunkable, but have yet to hear if they will sign an addendum with us so I can’t use it.

But, as an educator, I really do think it’s an excellent tool for teaching basic cs principles and app design.