Teacher Introduction

Hi everyone, wanted to introduce myself…

I’ve been using Thunkable for about a year personally and really enjoy its flexibility and power. It’s amazing to have things like spreadsheet and API integration right out of the box!

Although I haven’t taught a class yet using Thunkable, I have 20 years of teaching experience at a K-8 school in Marin County, CA. I’m currently the Design, Tinkering and Technology Integrator at my school and I facilitate a makerspace for students in all grades. We have a laser cutter, 3D printer, vinyl cutter, cordless drills, band saws, etc. But more about coding…

I’ve taught game design and app development classes using other tools such as Scratch and GameSalad. Students are quite adept with tools like Thunkable and I’m looking forward to teaching a class using Thunkable X. I primarily teach coding to 3rd-8th graders although we do offer coding curriculum starting in Kindergarten. I could see Thunkable being the perfect fit for my elective classes for 7th and 8th graders. I teach them an intro to Arduino programming and there are some nice overlaps with this tool.

I’m curious how other teachers are implementing Thunkable. I know Distance Learning makes everything more challenging right now but are there teachers who have in the past run after school classes, coding clubs, and/or integrated this tool into their homeroom classes (I love integrated projects… it’s what we try to do most with our makerspace resources)?


I have been using Thunkable for about 5 years now. It’s fantastic. I use from year 7 around 11 up to 18year olds for alsorts of projects. I teach game development, utilities development and teach system development using Thunkable.