Need lesson plan for middle year student

Hi all,
First time using thunkable, my students using ipads. As a teacher how to start thunkable?
what are the steps I have do? Please add your suggestion

As a teacher I’m sure you have some research skills that you can put to good use and read the Thunkable documentation, do the tutorials, watch youtube videos etc. You should put what you learn into practice.

If you get stuck or have specific questions you can search the forum to see if they have been answered - if not you can create a new topic on the forum.

Once you become proficient you can start teaching your students.

Oh, and you also mentioned iPads.

You can certainly use iPads to create apps with Thunkable but you need to be aware the experience may not be optimal. Using fingers for precise placement of components is not as good as a mouse but it’s not a deal breaker by any means.

On my (German) website I published a curriculum for German schools. Maybe you can translate the page with google (or better with deepL).
On the page
I published some examples.
Following my book could be a „curriculum“ for beginners (also students) to learn Thunkable.



This is probably too late but I am replying in case someone else needs the same in the future. I developed a 3-week unit (too short!) for my students and this is the support website:

Feel free to use/adapt as you like.




This is awesome @slandeteee - thanks for sharing!

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