How do I share my project so others can work on it?

I am making an app for parents in the school. I am working from home and my partner is working from the school. The app is on my account. She is not able to make edits on it to where I can see them. Can someone help me out? Thanks!

(Also, please add any information about what to expect when publishing. It will be greatly appreciated!)

Are you and your partner logging in to the same Thunkable account? Because if not, then the only way to share a project is to create two separate projects and have each person work on different screens. Then, when ready, save the screen(s) from one project and import then as a saved screen into the other. This can be a little tricky depending on how/where you initialize variables.

If you’re working from the same account, I think you’ll need to make sure you work at different times. Thunkable is not designed for multi-user app development.


I will see if she can get on to my account. Thanks for the advice!

Is there a way I add her as a contributor?

What you’re asking is not possible. Your only option is to allow the other person to login as you.

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Okay. Thank you for your help. I will see if this works.

you can copy and send a link to the person and let them finish their editing then they send a link of that edited one back to you


I will give this a try too. Thank you for the help. I think this about meets all of my needs. Thanks once again.