How to collaborate on a screen with other users?

My friend and I are trying to work on the same project but I am not finding any option to do that. It is not feasible for one person to be working on the project alone and I even paid for pro to make it into a private project so that only the two of us can work. Can you guys please give me a solution?

This does not work. There is no collaborative editing.

Your best option is to work on the same project at different times.


Each of you work on a different project. When you need to bring the two together, one shares a project link with the other person. Then you save screens and import the saved screen.

Unfortunately there is no colab editing.

A project is often completed by only one person. How big is your project planned to be?


Thank you for the second solution, this is helping!

@wheelifyteamupoa ,

Unfortunately Thunkable has decided to break/ignore all 4 of the pillars of object oriented programming (Encapsulation , Abstraction, Inheritance, and Polymorphism).

Although Thunkable is a fine tool for introducing programming and does hide some of the complexities of cross-platform development, treating Thunkable as a 21st century development environment exposes its weaknesses. The components are contemporary, but the platform assumptions are circa 1980. (I can say that having taken collegiate programming courses in the 1980s :older_adult:)