Best Practices for collaboration and version control

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I’m new to the Thunkable platform, I’m a mentor for a youth team developing a mobile app for a competition. I’ve reviewed the tutorial video series and poked around abit, and I’m excited to get started.

My question for the group pertains to “best practices” for small team development. I’d like our small (5 member) team to be able to collaborate on a project, ideally being able to check in / out changes ala git / github.

From your experience(s) what are the prefered ways to develop a project as a group? Is there a way to incorporate git (or similar) so that we can roll back, branch, etc.?

Thanks in advance for any help you could share!


Any update on this?

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We have a some features in development that should help with collaborative development. These include the ability to share individual screens so, for example, each member of the team could work on a screen and then there could be a separate project which combines the screens. Another feature will enable combining components (and their blocks) together as one single uber-component and sharing those. We currently call these “modules”, but the name might end up changing. Finally, we have another feature called “templates” that will allow you to take an entire app and make it easily customizable by other users by allowing them to set specific custom properties that you control. We hope to start rolling these out in Q1 of 2020. Stay tuned!

We don’t have any plans in the immediate future for git-style source control.

Hope this helps.



By when will these features be out ?


This is all possible now with the screen saving. You can save a screen and it’s blocks. then, add that screen to a second app. Then, share that screen via the share link, and other users can add it to their apps. Plus we can ctrl + C and ctrl + V to copy blocks between screens!!

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Sweeeet. That sounds great!

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Thanks Jared!

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Here’s a quick guide on how to use the screen save feature:

Hi there, why not to have something similar to Wix where the owner can simply add collaborators to the project? so everybody can login and work on the project, at the same time sensitive information is restricted…

Thank you for a great product. The only roadblock for us to adopt thunkable is source/version control.Is Are there any best practices around it? Say I release an update for my app and it is breaking existing functionality. we want to revert to the previous version? How do we do it?